Automatic services

conda-forge is running a webservice on heroku called conda-forge-webservices.

The following services are run by default on a feedstock:

  • It will lint the recipes in the PRs and report back whether recipe is in excellent condition or not.
  • When maintainers are added to a recipe, the maintainer will be added to the team and given push access.

The webservice also listens to issue and PR comments so that you can ask for the following services to be done.

@conda-forge-admin, please rerender

Entering the above phrase in a PR of a feedstock will rerender the feedstock and push the changes to your PR. Make sure to tick the Allow edits from maintainers. button locate at the bottom of the right side bar of the PR. If you say this phrase in an issue comment, the bot will create a new pull request with the requested re-rendering completed.

@conda-forge-admin, please add noarch: python

Entering the above phrase in a PR or issue of a feedstock will add noarch: python to the build and rerender the feedstock for you.

@conda-forge-admin, please update for conda-build 3

This command will attempt to update a recipe to the new conda-build 3 format. It can be sent either in an issue or a PR.

Note that this update command is kind of a hack, and things might go wrong. Make sure to look over the changes, and ask for help if you’re not sure about something.

@conda-forge-admin, please lint

Entering the above phrase in a PR of a feedstock will lint the PR again.

@conda-forge-admin, please update circle

Entering the above phrase in an issue of a feedstock will update the Circle-CI SSH deploy key. This will fix the permission denied (public key) issue in Circle-CI checkout phase; it shouldn’t be needed otherwise.

@conda-forge-admin, please update team

Entering the above phrase in an issue will update the team for the feedstock. This is usually done automatically.